Sell More With Early Bird Tickets

Early Bird tickets mean just what you thought, buying tickets earlier. Early bird tickets are cheaper than the regular price and it’s for the people who register really early. ‘Early bird pricing’ is often used for event tickets, such as a concert, conference or business seminar. It’s an inducement to go ahead and purchase tickets instead of waiting until later and very likely not attending the event.

If you book a ticket at least one month before the actual event date, it may be considered as an early bird ticket and usually, you will get some discount there. As an attendee, you want to seize this opportunity to save yourself some cool bucks and get maximum value. We have a special incentive package to enable you to take advantage of our early bird tickets and still make instalment payments towards the full amount ‘thrift style'(subject to the stated terms and conditions). This way, everyone has the opportunity to attend and bring their loved ones along to attend their favourite events. To receive notifications of early bird tickets, you have to join our early birds’ waiting list here.

For organizers, you don’t want to keep this period too long, though, as it would simply mean dashing money away! It is useful to encourage early registration to help you plan and foot those investment expenses – but you don’t want to keep it on for too long. It is also a kind of advanced ticket sale i.e. a pre-sale. Members of your fan club or email group can be offered tickets before they go on sale to the public at a premium i.e. “sponsors/partners price” or for a ridiculously lower price if you feel the need to energize your base or undertake some corporate social responsibility. Once Early Bird ticket selling end date expires, Regular tickets will appear the same moment without you having to do anything (Provided those dates were set-up during event creation). Pretty neat, right?

From our experience working with event managers, you usually would offer two or three date-based prices for your tickets. The terms are solely based on the type of event you are creating and how long you want to let attendees register. For instance, a carnival-like Calabar Carnival could start registration as early as January, immediately following the last edition of the preceding December. From that time onwards, Sale towards the next event could commence for an initial 3-month period at 50% discount; then a subsequent 3-month period at 25% discount and the following and final 3-month period at 15% discount. The last 3-month period prior to the event date usually constitute the “rush-hour” or Regular tickets and not the best of times to offer any more incentives as you aim to maximize your profits following year-long investment using your early birds’ revenue and maximizing occupancy ratio.

Regular is, well, the regular price. This period should cover most of the entire registration process timespan or critical period and your event marketing and event promotion actions should focus here. This would be a good time to re-engage your email list (if you have one), promote posts on social media, and anything else you got. If you need some ideas to promote your event better, follow us on our social media handles, email, chat or call us on +234 (909) 099-7770. Our Business Support Executives are waiting to assist you.

If you already listed your event without Early Bird pricing and would like to update your listing with Early Bird Tickets, please email