Sell Tickets For Your Streamed Events, Introducing e-VIP

POST-COVID 19, Do you want to add a new class of customers, do you want to sell tickets to an online audience, have you sold out space for the physical event and would like more bang for your bucks, do you want to schedule and sell recorded versions of your event – repeatedly; or do you want to simply gain your livelihood back? Finally, a solution to sell tickets to your live-streamed event or recorded episodes.

Recently, we witnessed the unprecedented decline in event organizing business or permanent radical transformation of it due to the global Covid’19 pandemic situation. However, in the midst of all the fuss, re-engineered and came up with a solution for online events literally overnight to help event organizers respond to the new situation. This new feature of service allows unlimited participants to join your streamed event on their devices from the comfort of their homes.

Whether it is a 40-minute coaching/consulting or physiotherapy session, an exhibition, or meeting of a few people, to a longer-duration event of an unlimited number of participants spanning several days; If you’re organizing some kind of conference, workshop, class and maybe even a standup comedy/musical show, or anything else really – you might benefit from this solution from the safety and comfort of your home as an event organizer or attendee.

We have broadened the frontiers with a new class of tickets e-VIP for an exclusive club of online customers or even more, an economy package offered for a more reasonable price compared to the live event. Now that’s the brighter side of the COVID’19 situation or a silver lining!

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